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Wicks Organ Company
Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis, MN
1950, 4/51

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In order to better serve the church organ community, this web site now requires an annual membership. This will help to control scammers and undesirable messages.

Guests can view messages, and contact Traders but cannot not post messages. A one year membership is free.

Traders can Post messages in addition to the above. The annual membership for Traders is $12.95.

Merchants can have their logo placed in the "Merchant's Listing", linked to their web site as well as all of the above. Annual subscription for Merchants is $120.00.


I have been given notice my my web host provider, that he is going out of business effective June 30, 2015. That's just about thirty days away.

I am 72 years of age and my short-term memory is beginning to fail, which is leading to a certain amount of confusion. I think because of this, it is time to find out if anyone who uses this website regularly might be interested in taking control of this resource, yourself.

I will certainly consider any reasonable financial offers you wish to make... I am willing to share gross incomes as reported on my income tax returns, to anyone who is serious to purchase the rights to this website. I will make that decision based upon the seriousness of your offers

The website is done using ColdFusion, which will require a web host providor to support ColdFusion Server to include support for Microsoft Access data files.

I will also assist in transferring the website to a ColdFusion host provider of your choice.


Tom Mierau
The Church Organ Trader

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